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Don Xystus Amadeo Celestino Sauza Berenguer de Marquina (b. 14 February 1816, Casa Santos, Sta. Elena, Pueblo de Mariquina, (presently Marikina City), Philippines - 26 July 1898, Binangonan, Distrito de Morong, Philippines) also known as Itoy married Doņa Delfina Ynares y Antazo (27 December 1827, Binangonan, Distrito de Morong (presently Rizal Provine), Philippines - 28 June1897, Binangonan, Distrito de Morong (presently Rizal, Province), Philippines) also known as Deling of Binangonan, Distrito de Morong (presently Rizal Province), Philippines.When Don Itoy courted the young Deling, he would visit her in Binangonan with his boat that he inherited from his father Don Santiago Sauza. He frequently docked his ship at the wharf in Binangonan with lots of linens and goods from Binondo, the China town in Manila, Philippines for the love of his life. Before he married the young Deling, he bought the long stretched of land facing the facade of Saint Ursula Church along the lake. It was there where he built his house for his future family. It was the very place where Don Itoy and Doņa Deling made their own family after their wedding on 26 November 1841 at St. Ursula Parish of Binangonan. They were blessed with 15 children. In their bloodline came the prominent families of Binangonan such as the Sauzas, the Sausas, the Ynareses, the Antazos, the Bituins, the Ceremoņas also spelled as the Ceremonias, the Apostaderos and the Silayans. According to Doņa Brigida Sauza y Berenguer de Marquina (1821-1930) and to my maternal great grandmother Criselda Embrado-Sauza y Alison (1899-2000), during their lifetime, during the town fiestas of Binangonan under the patronage of St. Ursula, the dress of St. Ursula was finely embroidered by Doņa Deling herself and her female households. Their annual embroidery for their patron saint was their panata, a religious vow or solemn promise. No town fiestas, cenaculo or staging of the passion and death of Jesus Christ every Holy Week without the fine embroideries of Doņa Deling and her female households which her great great granddaughter Felisa Apostadero y Aparente also known as Pisang continued. As the saying then in old Binangonan, "Ang mga anak na binata't dalaga ng mag-asawang Don Itoy at Doņa Deling ay walang kaparis. Bukod sa taglay na kakisigan at kagandahan, sila ay may taging taglay na kagandahang asal, karunungan at kagalingan sa pakikipagkapwa tao." (The children of Don Itoy and Doņa Deling were incomparable. Aside from their natural physique and beauty, all of them possessed good manners, wisdom and a good quality of public relations.) Moreover, Don Itoy died on 26 July 1898 because of old age while Doņa Deling died earlier on 28 June 1897 because of old age.
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