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This is indeed very timely for us to know from what ancestries we do belong. Have you ever asked yourselves certainly with such question? "Why I act this way or that way?", "Why do I look like this?", "Why am I different from my parents?", "Where do I get these certain innate things in my life?" and most probably, "Who am I?"

As a Psychology major, in the levels of the psyche by Carl Jung (1875-1961), a world renowned Swiss psychologist, he gave his overview on Analytical Psychology that the collective unconscious images are those that are beyond our personal experiences and that originate from the repeated experiences of our ancestors. Collective unconscious images are not inherited ideas, but rather they refer to innate tendency to react in a particular way whenever our personal experiences stimulate an inherited predisposition toward action. He quoted "Moreover, my ancestors' souls are sustained by the atmosphere of the house, since I answer for them the questions that their lives once left behind. I carve out rough answers as best I can. I have even drawn them on the walls. It is as if a silent, greater family, stretching down the centuries, were peopling in the house."

In the summer wind of April 1990, in our maternal ancestral home in Kidapawan City, North Cotabato, Philippines, I clearly remember that my maternal great grandmother Criselda Embrado y Alison (08 February 1899, Carcar, Cebu, Philippines - 30 June 2000, Kidapawan City, North Cotabato, Philippines) also known as Sedang who was the second wife of Demetrio Sauza y Mendoza (1901-1984) also known as Dodong had a very interesting talk about family life. This was after my elementary graduation. Believe it or not, this maternal ancestral home of ours produced five generations of direct female bloodlines!

I asked her about her family. I was indeed very happy when she narrated to me her own ancestries and the ancestries of her husbands Don Fernando Vilo (1st Husband), Demetrio Sauza y Mendoza (2nd Husband) and Ignacio Gregorio (3rd Husband). It was also the time when the emptiness in me was filled up with joy because of the lot of awesome information she narrated me. She even shared to me her ups and downs as a stubborn daughter, a loving granddaughter, a strict mother, a hardworking wife, a tolerating grandmother, an inquisitive mother-in-law, a supportive great grandmother and a strong willed woman of her time. I found out from her worth learning stories, how strong she was. According to her, I was the only descendant of her who was so curious of our kagikan or kaliwat or ancestry. She honestly and bravely told me and revealed to me her stories. All she told me was recorded in my mind and kept in my diary. Most of the ancestries posted in this website are first hand information taken directly from her. She showed me Las Familias Unidas 1928 Family Tree written in an old brown paper which she kept for decades inside the bag of her stampitas. Las Familias Unidas 1928 was hosted by her and her second husband at Opon (presently Lapu-Lapu City), Cebu, Philippines on 25 December 1928. She also showed me a booklet where the names of our dead relatives were written. She prayed for them regularly in Latin because she wanted to help them from being almas pobres en el purgatorio or poor souls in purgatory. I copied the names and information for documentation and personal files of course, with her permission. She helped me draw the lineage of each relative.

When I was in my freshmen year at Notre Dame of Kidapawan College Boys' Department of Kidapawan City, North Cotabato, Philippines, I got the highest grade in Values Education and English I when I submitted my autobiography with my detailed ancestry akin to during my sophomore year at Kidapawan National High School for my English II for writing skills development. During my junior year at Davao City National High School, Davao City, Philippines, I got the highest grade in Filipino when I wrote an article Ang Aking Dakilang Angkang Pinanggalingan or My Great Ancestry. Eventually, these articles helped me more during my college years at Adamson University, Manila, Philippines when I submitted in my major subject about my investigation on my ancestries both paternal and maternal. Amazing! 

With the constant researches about our ancestries in late 1990s, we were able to connect the origin of the Sauza / Sausa / Souza / Zausa / Zauza bloodline directly from Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico where the siblings Doņa Maria Guadalupe Sauza, Don Hilario Sauza, Don Emmanuel Sauza, Padre Juan Sauza, Madre Maria Consolacion Sauza and Don Santiago Sauza who was my great great great great great grandfather were raised and lived. It was really amazing that in our bloodline we had past connections from the royals of Spain and in Europe! The greatness of our family line, particularly in the field of politics are indeed undeniable. We are blood related to the two presidents of the Republic of the Philippines namely Ma. Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino y Sumulong also known as Tita Cory and Benigno Simeon Aquino III y Cojuangco also known as Noynoy. I am not campaigning, but only presenting blood relatives of ours.

Aside from family prides and honors that me made me proud and grateful for who I am and who we are, there are also family secrets and scandals as well of the past such as suicides, early marriages, murders, abortions, adultery, slavery, philanderings, witchcraft and the likes that made me shocked! But, honestly, all things should be for the present and future generations to think, to feel and to act on family tree healing for the forgiveness of the past sins that will make the present and future generations live happily ever after regardless the trials of time. Personally, the unity and forgiveness of the present generations are very crucial to break the bondage of the past generations and not to penetrate the future generations! This is what we call family tree healing! Believe it or not! 

Let us take for instance, why family stories repeat among us in a different manner to any members of the clan or family? Why parents are wondering what goes on to their children who act differently among the siblings? Why hereditary sickness including psychological ones are being carried by certain members of the family? Why some siblings look differently from other siblings? Why persons from the same bloodline have the same features and attitudes? These are what we call traits, the passing of genes from one ancestor to certain descendants including the attitudes and characters. Remember, not just the physical traits! No one is excluded from this traits! We are the direct carriers! They may not show in this generation, but they will surely show up in the coming generations. Moreover, the present generation can, I say can, still make a choice to make our own identities and new ways of life, but we can't deny where we came from! We have the choice as well not to follow the lifestyles of our ancestors to prevent the repetitions of history and the continuity of hereditary sickness as well. Believe it or not! 

What I did before made me realize that I could be a hardworking investigator, a knowledgeable family historian and a meticulous archivist. With these efforts, I dedicate this website to Lola Sedang for her unique ways of living her life to the fullest! To all my relatives, this is also for you!

Big thanks also to Grand Uncle Hilario Embrado, Uncle Jesus Santos y Gabiola or Papa Jet, cousin Gonzalo Velasco Berenguer, Apu Lourdes Tungul-Garcia y Miraflor, Uncle Juan Anastacio Delos Reyes y Santiago (1915-2005), Aunt Escolastica Marasigan y Godoy, cousin Marcial Garchitorena, cousin Sarsi Dizon y Garchitorena, Uncle Eddie Garchitorena, Uncle Fr. Felmar Fiel, SVD, abuela Adela Angeles-Sauza, cousin Grace Sausa y Mate, cousin Allan Aquino y Tabernilla, Uncle Simpatico Beltran Jr y Belga, Aunt Araceli Moscoso-Marasigan y Moscoso, nephew Cresencio Sauza y Pesidas and the Zausa and Sauza relatives from Libacao, Aklan, Philippines for providing information and for helping in making this official website a reality!

Finally, for almost 25 years, here we are presenting to you this official website and family of ours! Have a great and blessed day to us!

Prince Victor Salamat also known as Prince Heinrich FitzGerald
22nd Family Historian & Genealogist / Web Designer
Great great great great grandson of Don Miguel Juan Santiago Sauza y Berenguer de Marquina and of Doņa Matilda Tuazon-Sauza y Dela Peņa

19 November 2011
221st Birthday of Doņa Ysabel Berenguer de Marquina-Sauza y Sumulong
202nd Wedding Anniversary of Don Santiago Sauza and of Doņa Ysabel Berenguer de Marquina-Sauza y Sumulong 

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